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               THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

               FOR SUMMER RAVERS


                             he festivals are back. Finally, this summer sees your favourite
                             events returning and also the debut of new festivals, leaving
                             almost no days off during this exciting summer season. Ultra
                             Europe, Tomorrowland, Parookaville, and Creamfields are some
                             of the festivals returning with 2022 editions and Pula Music Week
               T debuts this year. The similarity? Set all in summer, where the sun
               and high temperatures are one of your company. Whether this is your first summer
               festival season or the twentieth time, and especially after this last two years’ break,
               you will certainly find very useful all the tips that we will give you in this ultimate
               guide for summer ravers. The most precious advice for now: have fun!

               THE OUTFIT
               This is a topic of the utmost relevance as it needs planning and time. Whether
               you’re a girl or a guy, this is where your mind hovers in the weeks leading up to the
               festival, especially if the process involves packing to travel abroad. Do you tailor
               your clothes and footwear to the conditions of the festival or fit in with current
               festival fashion? This is an important existential question with no correct answer.
               Dressing up for a festival or party has become something very special. Not only
               have festival-goers’ productions become an integral and important part of the
               decoration of events, but they also paint the crowd with joy. The dancefloor is
               meant to be a place of free expression, so going to a festival is the perfect occa-
               sion to wear whatever you feel like because no one is going to bring judgement
               with them to the sacred grounds of a festival.

               Glaze up, wear your most daring outfit, don’t skimp on body paint or glitter, and
               don’t even go for shades to keep it low-key. For those who favour comfort, the
               most precious tip is to wear off-road shoes that guarantee comfort during the
               long hours you’ll spend on your feet and dancing.

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