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                   EDC LAS VEGAS

                   2022: FULL RECAP

                   BY: CREIGHTON BRANCH      PC: INSOMNIAC

                                here is nothing quite like the magic that is created “Under The Electric
                                Sky.” Words don’t do it justice. It is a feeling that everybody needs to
                                experience in person at least once in their lifetime. And as we are more
                                than a month removed from the 26th edition of Electric Daisy Carnival that
                                took place in late May in Las Vegas, we can’t help but reminisce on what
                   T was one of the best iterations of the event to date.

                   EDC Las Vegas 2022 had a lot to live up to after its predecessor in October raised the bar
                   that had already been set astronomically high from the previous EDCs. And as expected,
                   Insomniac hurdled over that bar. From the artists to the stages and everything in between,
                   EDC Las Vegas 2022 was one for the history books in countless ways.

                   First off, the number of attendees, or as Insomniac refers to them, “headliners,” reached a
                   record number. Truly taking advantage of the entire grounds of the Las Vegas Speedway
                   for the first time, EDC welcomed a record-setting 500,000 people throughout the weekend.
                   The fact that an electronic music festival (or any single genre festival for that matter) is
                   able to reach this number in just a little over two decades is unbelievable. EDC ‘22 proved
                   that the current scene is thriving and in the best shape it has arguably ever been in with
                   the biggest spotlight it has ever seen. But with the expansion of a full raceway, Insomniac
                   CEO Pasquale Rotella didn’t just stop at allowing a historic number of attendees. Rotella
                   created more history by welcoming a ninth stage of the festival, bionicJUNGLE.

                   With the attendees descending down into the desert for the iconic EDC “Opening Cere-
                   mony,” a special back-to-back from Westend and Lucati followed by the red hot French-
                   based DJ, Acraze, were the first two performances to get things going before the rest of the
                   grounds opened up.

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