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 “Surround yourself with friends, embrace your

 favourite sound and have a great time.”


 One of the changes brought by the modern world is cash-
 These are two important commandments for those who go
 less events. Cash is to be left at home because at festivals
 partying during the summer. The cocktail list is always very
 with this modality it will only be possible to pay with your
 interesting, particularly when the naming is also fun and
 wristband. How does it work? To be able to pay with your
 appealing. However, especially if you will spend many hours
 wristband you have to have it loaded with money and this
 under the sun, in high temperatures, and dancing, water
 might not be so immediate when it seems on the spot.
 is the most effective way to stay hydrated. Many festivals
 These events usually have several charging points where
 already include hydration points on their floorplan where
 you can use your bank card (and in some of them also
 you can refill whenever you need to. Depending on the entry
 cash), however, it is a place where queues usually form, long
 policy of the event, you can either bring an empty plastic
 queues. Waiting in a queue in the sun is not the programme
 bottle to use at the hydration point, or you will have to use
 you planned on going to the festival and so a piece of wise
 an official cup or reuse the bottle you bought at the bar. An
 advice is to pre-charge which is often available. Some
 important tip if you are an avid dancer and don’t want to
 organisations provide cashless vouchers that you can buy in
 lose your water bathing those around you, take some plastic
 the days leading up to the festival and which will be asso-
 or silicone caps from home, the kind that fit various sizes, as
 ciated with your wristband at the time of accreditation. This
 bottles are usually delivered at the bar without caps.
 way you can dedicate all your time to having fun.
 A precious help in the task of keeping cool is one of the

 most popular accessories at events: the fan. Apart from
 being very effective in cooling you down, the fans are an
 attractive piece of merchandising that, if it survives the
 festival in one piece, becomes a precious souvenir.
 If it’s not on Instagram it didn’t exist, right? A summer music
 festival is full of endless moments that you want to keep for
 eternity and also share on your social media. For that, you
 PROTECTION FROM THE SUN  need to have your phone camera on for quite some time
 during the festival, something quite challenging for your
 Sunscreen is your friend against the dreaded sunburn and
 phone’s battery. Taking a powerbank with you is definitely   BECOME A FAN OF THE FANNY BAG  One tip that never gets old is: don’t forget your ticket. The
 should therefore be mandatory. Buying sunscreen in a
 a good choice to make sure you don’t run out of battery      tips for a summer festival are endless, so here are just a
 compact format may be a good idea so that you can take
           There are some essentials that you want to have around
 and that you can film and take pictures at will. Keeping     few essential ones. Surround yourself with friends, embrace
 it with you into the venue, as long as the entrance policy   with you at all times in a practical way, without hinder-
 your phone charged is also important to stay in touch with   your favourite sound and have a great time. Have fun at
 allows it. In any case, it’s a great pre-party trick to be well-
           ing the movements you need to dance. The solution is
 your friends and family. Another point to remember is that   your summer festivals this year!
 oiled with sun protection. The sun is not only uncomfortable   most often backpacks or small bags. Many festivals also
 nowadays tickets are digital and are on your phone, without
 for your skin but also your eyes, so the second recom-
           include on their grounds a locker area, very useful for
 it you may face some constraints. There are powerbanks of
 mendation on this topic is to go with sunglasses. They will   storing larger items such as backpacks, coats, and other
 various types, including lightweight and compact models,
 ensure that your vision is comfortable and that you can see
           essentials. However, lip balm, sunscreen, mobile phone,
 perfect to accompany you to a festival.
 everything without frowning. Aside from this more useful   keys, ID and valuables are all things you want to keep with
 nature of sunglasses, they are also a fundamental piece
           you and the perfect aid is a fanny bag. This accessory has

 to compliment your look, because yes, you look super cool   become quite popular for parties and festivals as they
 in sunglasses. There are sunglasses for all tastes, sizes,
           make it possible to carry your items safely, hands-free and
 and shapes and they are often an item you can find in the   comfortably. The options are many and nowadays there
 merchandising area. We suggest leaving your expensive
           are also stylish cross-bag options, which have become
 designer glasses at home and opting for economical and   the most popular alternative to fanny packs. Many brands
 disposable solutions, as breaking and losing them is not
           offer any of these models, so you should have no trouble
 uncommon at festivals.  finding the best one for you.
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