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                                             SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA - PARADISE AGAIN
                                             RELEASED: APRIL
                                             STANDOUT TRACKS: HEAVEN TAKES YOU HOME (FEAT. CONNIE CONSTANCE),
                                             MOTH TO A FLAME (WITH THE WEEKND), REDLIGHT

                                             A huge moment for the new chapter of the Swedish trio Axwell, Steve
                                             Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, ‘Paradise Again’ was a long time
                                             coming for them, being their debut release. Not only that, it allowed
                                             them to showcase their newer, more darker sound in a continuous
                                             format where they could truly tell a flowing story. One thing that they
 ALBUMS OF                                   euphoric and dynamic vocals brought by some of the industry’s finests
                                             carried on from their previous progressive soundscape, though, is the
                                             including Sting, Connie Constance, The Weeknd and more.

 THE YEAR                                    MARTIN GARRIX - SENTIO

                                             RELEASED: APRIL
                                             STANDOUT TRACKS: FOLLOW, STARLIGHT (KEEP ME AFLOAT), LIMITLESS

                                             ‘Sentio’ saw Martin Garrix release his debut album, a long time coming
                                             for fans and himself. Choosing a unique rollout for this album, he didn’t
                                             keep fans waiting for the full body of work and instead gave them pres-
                                             ents in the form of two releases a week until all 11 tracks were out into the
 s is the same with every year, our favourite producers aim to make each year their
                                             world ending in April. ‘Sentio’ allowed Garrix to shine brighter than ever,
 best, constantly levelling up their game through career-changing releases. Of
                                             showing off his huge range when it comes to both production skills and
 course, 2022 was not exempt from this and with the last 12 months, brought a whirlwind
                                             creating tracks in different genres.
 of releases. In particular, this was a year of incredible albums from debuts to stand outs
 and more. As we get ready for the clock to strike midnight, signalling in yet another new
 A year, we’re looking back upon some of the biggest albums of the year.
                                             CARL COX - ELECTRONIC GENERATIONS
                                             RELEASED: DECEMBER
 “In particular, this was a year of incredible albums from
                                             STANDOUT TRACKS: SPEED TRIALS ON ACID, SEE THE SUN RISING, OUR TIME
                                             WILL COME
 debuts to stand outs and more”
                                             His first album in 10 years, written over two years, ‘Electronic Genera-
                                             tions’ is perhaps the magnum opus of his career so far, coming as a
                                             truly important milestone for the techno legend. Coming as a 2-disc
 FRED AGAIN.. ACTUAL LIFE 3                  mega masterpiece, disc 1 includes 17 solo releases putting the spot-
 (JANUARY 1 - SEPTEMBER 9 2022)              light on his talents and further cementing why he is one of the most
                                             influential artists of our time. On the other hand, disc 2 is where the
                                             collaborative efforts come in to play, featuring the likes of Fatboy Slim,
                                             Dan Diamond, Nicole Moudaber and Franky Wah with remixes by Chase
                                             & Status, Riton and LF System.
 The third instalment in the reality-based trilogy of
 albums that Fred again.. has released over the current
 few years, ‘Actual Life 3’ was recorded from January
                                             HARDWELL - REBELS NEVER DIE
 1 until September 9 2022 as is suggested in the title.
 Taking snippets of things that have inspired him or   RELEASED: SEPTEMBER
 things that he has seen in the world and sampling   STANDOUT TRACKS: PACMAN, INTO THE UNKNOWN, F*CKING SOCIETY
 them into masterful club bangers and emotional
                                             It wouldn’t be out of place to say that this album from Hardwell was
 sounds, this is perhaps one of his most deep and
                                             one of the most anticipated of the year. Signalling a massive change in
 thoughtful bodies of work yet. Exploring the feeling
                                             sound, which no one could’ve anticipated when he took to the stage at
 of loneliness, love, being scared and everything in
                                             Ultra Miami earlier this year, he proved with ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’ that not
 between, nothing is left unturned.
                                             only was this sound here to stay, but he had mastered it. Leaving behind
                                             big room in favour of a techno flavour, he took a massive risk in switch-
                                             ing up his identity but the response has proved that it paid off.

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