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               COVER STORY                  BY: SAMANTHA REIS               PC: NELSON LACERD

               THE ENDLESS DANCE OF

                            ukas Rafael Ruiz Hespanhol is better known as Vintage Culture,
                            one of the most acclaimed Brazilian musical exports today. Born
                            and raised in Mundo Novo, which translates as ‘new world’, Vintage
                            Culture has travelled all over the globe bringing with him his music,
                            his good vibes and his extended and unmissable DJ sets. Despite
               L growing up in a small and dangerous place, he never lost the ability
               to dream and the courage to create, carrying contagious humility and an exemplary
               work ethic. Vintage Culture belongs to Brazil, his mother, his sister and his dog, but
               today he also belongs undeniably to the world and each one of his loyal fans. In the
               studio he is unstoppable and behind the decks he is tireless. So far his career has
               been simply brilliant, being one of the biggest-selling artists of 2022. What’s it been
               like to get here and what does 2023 hold for him? That’s what We Rave You wanted to
               know and now shares it with you in this December issue.

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