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                                                   Defected is not yet ready to vacate the first position in the record label
                                                   rankings, being today one of the most solid music brands. In 2020 Beat-
                                                   port trends crowned Defected as the fastest-rising label, now in 2022,
                                                   with no let up in its excellence, the figures show it is the best-performing
                                                   label of the last 12 months. Simon Dunmore founded Defected in 1999
                                                   and although this year he stepped down as CEO, he will always be the
                                                   face of this label responsible for carrying the legacy of house music into
                                                   the new century. Home of greatest hits, it stood out in 2022 with releases
                                                   such as ‘La Danza’ by John Summit, ‘My Paradise’ by Jamie Jones and
                                                   ‘Nightjar’ by Sonny Fodera and Vintage Culture, featuring SHELLS.
 2022 IN MUSIC:


                                                   AFTERLIFE RECORDS
                                                   This is the record label of the Italian duo Tale Of Us and one of the staples
                                                   of melodic techno. In its description, it stands as an odyssey through the
 he year 2022 was a very strong year in terms of music releases. It was the
                                                   realm of consciousness and is now an institution, a philosophy. Found-
 ultimate return to live music after the terrible pandemic that ravaged us for
                                                   ed in early 2016 by Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri, Afterlife Records is
 two years. Finally, it was possible to test the musical productions in the field
                                                   responsible for elevating melodic techno to the starry place it occupies
 again and to feel the public reaction live. This return revitalized the industry
                                                   today and has been a precious springboard to catapult many talents
 and the artists who felt inspired again and with fuel to fill the charts with good
                                                   in this realm. Alongside the volumes of its famous ‘Unity’ collection, in
 T music. Where was this music released and under what label was it distributed?
                                                   2022 Afterlife Records released great works such as ‘Consciousness’ by
 With the year drawing to a close, it’s time to take a peek at what the numbers and rankings tell
                                                   Anyma and Chris Avantgarde, ‘Tataki’ by Argy and ‘The Sign’ by Anyma
 us and position the top 10 record labels of 2022. The ranking presented was based on informa-
                                                   and  CamelPhat.  ‘Dance  With  Me’  by  Kevin  de  Vries,  one  of  the  hottest
 tion displayed on based on Beatport’s 100 charts considering the last 12 months
                                                   tracks in the summer season is also one of the Afterlife’s hits this year.
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 “It’s time to take a peek at what the numbers and

 rankings tell us and position the top 10 record   REPOPULATE MARS
 labels of 2022”                                   Electronic music fans are different from the rest. Sometimes they feel so
                                                   different that they assume the role of aliens. With the mission of repop-
                                                   ulating the dance music scene by accepting all differences in the name
                                                   of love for music, Lee Foss created Repopulate Mars about six years
                                                   ago. The label’s concept may sound like something out of a science
                                                   fiction movie but the truth is that Lee Foss’ vision was well received by
                                                   the industry and it is now one of the strongest record labels, especially
                                                   in the house and tech house circuit. The label’s philosophy focuses on
                                                   the power of the bassline and on giving voice to new talents and artists
                                                   that the label head admires. From its catalogue of outputs this year
                                                   we highlight tunes such as ‘Ooooh’ by CID & Will K, ‘El Cuervo’ by Endor
                                                   and ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ by Mau P, one of the hottest tracks of the
                                                   festival season.

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