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                                                    Drumcode is techno. Founded by Adam Beyer in 1996, this record label
                                                    stands out for its strength and for being one of the highest-selling techno
                                                    labels according to Beatport. If in the ranking of the last twelve months
                                                    it occupies the fourth position, the truth is that looking at the same
                                                    chart considering all time data, Drumcode climbs to the third position.
                                                    The success of the label is based on the new talents scouted by Beyer,
                                                    the ability to outperform the many captive artists and the constant
                                                    evolution. Making tomorrow’s music today is one of the mottos the
                                                    Swedish artist uses at the helm of this great record label that continues
                                                    to capture new followers. His releases are modern, elegant and creative,
                                                    as the cover arts and draw already today a strong signature in the peak
                                                    time techno landscape. In 2022 Drumcode released a lot of music like
                                                    the EPs ‘Mind Control’ by Chris Avantgarde, ‘Resonate’ by Lilly Palmer,
                                                    ‘Deep Down’ by Eli Brown and ‘Wanna Go Bang’ by HI-LO and DJ Deeon,
                                                    whose title track is one of the biggest belters of this year.

                                                    INSOMNIAC RECORDS
                                                    Insomniac is a powerful name in the music and events scene that in 2014
                                                    created its own record label. Arty was the first artist to be signed to this
                                                    label which aimed to captivate not only undiscovered talent but also
                                                    established artists. This was undoubtedly one of the goals achieved. The
                                                    Insomniac label is today home to a plethora of artists from the various
                                                    musical genres that make up modern dance music, characterised by
                                                    a seal of quality but also of diversity. Looking at its repertoire of 2022
                                                    releases we find ‘Hold Me Close’ by CID, ‘Seven’ by BLOND:ISH, Amadou &
                                                    Mariam, Francis Mercier, and also ‘Locco’ by Biscits.

           If we continue scrolling through the ranking of the top 10 record labels of 2022, we find right after Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth
           On Acid, a label dedicated to a kind of techno as irreverent as Zonneveld and which is on a clear ride to the top. Releases
           such as ‘Flying Octopus’ by HI-LO and Reinier Zonneveld, ‘The Door’ by Space 92 and ‘Believe’ by Eli Brown are some of
           their 2022 hits. Next is Catch & Release from the exuberant FISHER whose highlights are undoubtedly some of its founder’s
           productions like ‘It’s A Killa’, ‘Yeah The Girls’ or ‘Palm Beach Banga’. Occupying the next position is Toolroom, another strong
           house music staple. Led by Mark Knight, this label has been operating for 15 years, already gathering a giant legion of
           followers. If its beginnings were humble in Knight’s garden shed, today it is a synonym of high-quality house and tech
           house. 2022 was a strong year for Toolroom Records, which released a lot of powerful music such as ‘Daydreamer’ by KC
           Lights and Leo Stannard, ‘Feel The Vide’ by Martin Ikin and Astrotrax featuring Shola Phillips, and ‘The Music Began To Play’
           by Armand Van Helden and Mark Knight. In the position below is Chris Lake’s Black Book Records. Launched in 2017, this
           label is strongly committed to building a creative and cohesive artistic catalogue, always looking for new talent. ‘Turn Off
           The Lights’ by Chris Lake and Cloonee is one of the big hits on Black Book Records this year, along with ‘In the Yuma’ by
           label boss and Aatig and also Rebūke’s remix of the 2021 release ‘A Drug From God’ by Chris Lake and NPC. In the tenth and
           final position of this round-up is Warner Records, the home of so and so much music. Founded in 1958, this iconic Amer-
           ican record label is one of the most relevant players in shaping music and its distribution. In its 2022 catalogue, we find
           several LF System releases such as ‘Afraid To Feel’ and also the bubbling ‘Serotonin Moonbeams’ by The Blessed Madonna.

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