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                                                                  espite the ongoing challenges for female
                                                                  artists,  it’s  imperative  to  celebrate  the
                                                                  successes  that  have  been  had  thus  far.
                                                                  When  discussing  equality,  the  answers
                                                                  and  path  forward  may  look  different  to
                                                   Deveryone involved. Instead of harping on
                                                   the negatives, it is more important to celebrate the successes.
                                                   The inequality across all musical genres, based on sex, race,
                                                   age,  location,  etc,  are  all  well-documented  pitfalls  of  the
                                                   industry as well as society in general. Fortunately, there are
                                                   allies everywhere, looking to celebrate all artists, regardless
                                                   of  race  or  gender,  but  rather  on  the  merits  of  their  music
                                                   and live show. International Women’s Day may have come
                                                   and gone, but the spirit and sentiment should be a part of
                                                   everyday life and the women mentioned previously, as well
                                                   as  thousands  more,  are  forging  a  powerful  path  forward.

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