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               COVER STORY                  BY: RYAN FORD                 PC: OHAD KAB

               CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF

                           rez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani have spent almost three decades
                           at the top of the electronic music scene as iconic Israeli
                           psytrance outfit Infected Mushroom. With 12 studio albums to
                           their name, the pair are constantly seeking innovation in the studio,
                           with each production as meticulously intricate and engaging as
               Ethe last. Brandishing their signature Middle Eastern-Tel Aviv-Me-
               lodic sounds, they have established a loyal and appreciative fan base that has
               given them licence to travel the globe and perform their music.

               2022 marks their 25th year in the game, having produced flawless music since
               the late ‘90s. To mark such a significant milestone, the duo will release their
               latest studio album this month, aptly titled ‘IM25’, aiming to unite people once
               again with their music. Complete with a diverse range of records across
               different genres and languages, ‘IM25’ pushes the boundaries of what has
               gone before. Luckily for us, we were able to catch a moment with them
               this month to gain an insight into the production of the album and the
               shows that are going along with it and to take a deep dive into their
               lengthy and successful career so far.

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