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                     SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA:

                     THE ‘PARADISE AGAIN’

                     TOUR SO FAR


                                   head of their world tour, it   Opening up in typical fashion, the famous
                                   was particularly interesting   threesome appeared from behind the drop of a
                                   to gauge fans’ expectations   curtain in Florida as we gained our first insight
                                   as it had been so long since   into what to expect along the way in terms of
                                   the Swedish House Mafia   their set list. Opening up with ‘Can U Feel It’, all
                     Ahad strung together this               of the ‘Paradise Again’ shows have started off
                     many arena shows since their split back in   in emphatic fashion, with it quickly followed
                     2013. Upon their return in 2018 the trio had also   up by a mashup of ‘It Gets Better’ and ‘Grey-
                     only performed at festivals, and new collective   hound’ and their 2022 rework of ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’.
                     music from Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian  The more progressive melodies seem to have
                     Ingrosso was sparse. In more recent years,   taken hold in the middle of their sets since their
                     however, they had been working towards   first show, showcasing a number of mashups
                     the release of ‘Paradise Again’, their debut   including new album tracks such as ‘Calling
                     studio album which has in turn provided them   On vs Laktos’ and ‘Time vs Reload’. Tracks such
                     with endless possibilities with regards to the   as ‘Redlight’, ‘Lifetime’ and Axwell ^ Ingrosso’s
                     soundtrack and production of their latest tour   ‘Dream Bigger’ have also found pride of place
                     which is still ongoing.                 in the show and, of course, the same can be
                                                             said for some of their classics. No Swedish
                     The latest instalment of their journey started   House Mafia show would be complete without
                     a year ago to the month, when the Swedes   the anthemic chord progressions of ‘One (Your
                     announced that they would head on a huge   Name)’ as well as ‘Save The World’ and ‘Don’t
                     world tour following two headline weekend   You Worry Child’ which are left until last during
                     performances at Coachella. They dropped the   one emotion-filled mashup that closes out
                     news of their first tour in 10 years alongside the   each night in style.
                     release of ‘Moth To A Flame’, a 44-date venture
                     that would see them travel across Europe and
                     North America, starting off with a trip to one of
                     their spiritual homes, Miami.

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