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                     INTERVIEW         BY: RYAN FORD        PC: SUMMERDAZE FESTIVAL

                     356 ENTERTAINMENT:

                     MALTA’S POWER PLAYERS

                     CHANGING THE MUSIC

                     SCENE IN MALTA

                                    ver the past 20 years, Malta has seen a complete transformation
                                    with regard to the number of large-scale events hosted on the island.
                                    That’s mostly down to the perseverance of the masterminds behind one
                                    of the country’s most prestigious events companies, 356 Entertainment.
                                    Trevor Camilleri and Gerald Debono boast decades of industry expe-
                    Orience, having produced countless electronic music festivals together
                     under Fresh Music Events before uniting with Nicholas Spiteri under 356 and changing the
                     way events have been received across the archipelago ever since.

                     Malta has quickly become one of the most sought-after festival destinations in Europe as
                     356 has established a reputation for its high-quality events across the summer months.
                     Drawing in A-list names and partnering with top-level international brands such as Cream
                     and the BBC, Trevor and Gerald have also succeeded in attracting thousands of partygo-
                     ers to the island from abroad. Continuing to seek innovation by branching out into other
                     genres of music and other event sectors, their commitment is unmatched.

                     That has been the case with one of their most recent exploits, SummerDaze Festival. As
                     Malta’s largest annual festival, it brandishes an expansive and eclectic music programme,
                     which took a new direction this year, inviting some of the world’s biggest pop stars to the
                     island, the likes of Anne-Marie, Bastille, G-Eazy and Jason Derulo among others. Ahead of
                     this month’s magazine, we took the time to sit down with the organisers, to gain a more
                     detailed insight into the company’s origins, the many thought processes behind event
                     production and the future of 356, events in Malta and beyond…

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