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 Hungary is not shy about its music offering, having, especially in Budapest, an interesting selection of underground
 nightclubs. The techno scene has been growing in the country where parties featuring particularly dark techno are on the
 rise. The duo NoNameLeft and Jay Lumen are the Hungarian representatives in the top twenty-five positions on Beatport’s
 techno charts at the moment.


               UNITED STATES

           - LAYTON GIORDANI
           The United States fought with Germany for the birthplace of techno, but in our analysis, it loses out in numbers. Techno has
           had strong roots across the United States since its inception, but things have changed with time. If in Europe techno has
           been increasingly loved, understood and embraced, in the north of the American continent, its popularity has not grown in
           the same way. This has not prevented the strengthening of electronic music in the United States and techno in particular,
 The history of techno music in Italy is a long and solid one, so you might expect to see more artists of Italian origin in this   which finds in the young Layton Giordani a worthy standard-bearer.
 sample. The 70s and 80s were the heydays of techno in Italy, with a special focus on Rome, but political motivations meant
 that the underground culture had many ups and downs and moved around within Italy. Naples and Reggio are well repre-
 sented here by the talented Deborah De Luca and Enrico Sangiuliano respectively.  BRAZIL


 - SPACE 92  - POPOF  - VICTOR RUIZ                          - WEHBBA
 France is an important cradle of music and electronica is no exception. Daft Punk are one of France’s most popular exports, but in   Brazil has had a tradition of electronic music since the 90s, a decade in which artists and music began to be exported
 the realm of techno it is important to highlight others such as Laurent Garnier or Jean-Michel Jarre. It took some time for France   to the rest of the world. However, the North American and European names were still more popular, and it was difficult
 to fall in love with techno, but in the 1990s raves started to have a roaring success and found in the French territory a solid and   to break the mould and give voice to Brazilian talent, which was on standby and ready to explode. Today there are
 welcoming home. Over the last three months, Beatport’s top sellers have highlighted two very important names on the circuit:   many artists from Brazil who are acclaimed around the world, such as Victor Ruiz and Wehbba, who represent Brazil-
 Space 92 and POPOF.  ian techno so well.
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