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 MIXES - A MEMORY            1998 - AIR

                             This mix is unique, for the simple reason being a communication breakdown between Pete Tong
 LANE OF BBC RADIO 1’S       and the French duo. On air, he stated: “We told them we had a two hour show, they gave us a four
                             hour tape, but don’t worry it justifies a two week broadcast.” Thus, Air were the first at that point to
                             get a double show, and fans certainly didn’t complain about it. It was perfect timing too, as they
 ESSENTIAL MIX SERIES        had not long released their ‘Moon Safari’ album, which saw critical acclaim globally.

                             1998  - CARL COX

 ince its inception in October of 1993, the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix has become the holy grail of   Although this wasn’t his first appearance on the show, making many before this particular episode,
 radio DJ decks, the one mix to present that every artist - no matter big or small - sees as a huge   it became iconic and stood out for a few reasons. One, it was filmed from Space Ibiza at the Terrace,
 honour to be able to do. Presented by Pete Tong, he also was the first artist to do the Essential Mix, and   two, it was the first ever BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend and three, it was the first time that Space moved
 over the years has done countless more. It would be easier to name which artist hasn’t been part of   its turntables from behind the bar. Mix all this together with the genius that is Cox’s mixes, and you
 the two hour show than who has, and in celebration of its historic run so far, we’re looking back upon   have a standout mix for the ages.
 S some of the best ones from older years.
                             2005 - STEVE ANGELLO & SEBASTIAN INGROSSO
 “The BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix has become the holy grail of radio DJ decks”
                             Quite a while before the days of Swedish House Mafia, all three members were on the musical circuit
                             collaborating with each other frequently, and this is an example of two out of three of the Swedes
                             teaming up. Even then, you can hear the forward-thinking, cutting-edge expertise that Angello &
 1993 - PETE TONG            Ingrosso brought to the scene, and this mix is certainly a treat for fans of nostalgic dance moments.

 You can’t make a list of some of the best & most iconic Essential Mixes without talking about
 the very first one, the one to kickstart it all. As the host and also an established DJ, it makes   2008 - FLYING LOTUS
 sense for Pete Tong to get the honour of being the very first to grace the golden decks.
                             Experimental to say the least, Flying Lotus brought something completely and utterly different with
                             his 2008 mix. Back then, his career was still taking off but this perfectly introduced everything that
                             the producer stood for with his wacky, out of the box tracklist. This also won the Essential Mix of the
 1994 - PAUL OAKENFOLD       year award in 2008.
 Back in 2018 for the show’s 25th anniversary, Pete Tong along with BBC News recounted some
 of his favourite moments and mixes from the past years, and Paul Oakenfold’s 1994 Goa mix
 was included in the list to no surprise. Back then, he truly pushed the boundaries of what an   2013 - SKRILLEX
 artist could do with their mixes, being free from the boundaries of trying to create just any
                             This wasn’t the first Essential Mix from Skrillex, but has to be his most iconic. His second spin on the
 crowd-pleasing club set. Even including film soundtracks in the mix, he set the foundations
                             coveted decks saw him go in many unique directions than what people may have expected from
 to show artists what they could create on a radio show. In a biography written by Richard
                             him, throwing in genres that couldn’t have been further from the pioneering dubstep sound of his
 Norris, Oakenfold himself said: “I think [the Goa mix] really opened the doors for a lot of people,
                             at the time, but it is also what made it so popular. Whether a fan of Skrillex or not, the mix could be
 because it took the underground sound and played it on mainstream radio. Oakenfold fans
                             universally loved by all, featuring tracks from artists such as Disclosure, AC Slater and Sub Focus to
 weren’t expecting to hear it; they were expecting to hear melodic trance, and I just completely
                             name a few. At the time, too, Skrillex’s label OWSLA tweeted out shortly after the mix aired that it had
 banged it. Psychedelic trance was something that I was really into, and I thought it gave me a
                             become the single most played piece of content in BBC Radio 1’s then 46-year history across all
 good vehicle to showcase what I can do.”
                             media. Whether that has been beaten in today’s world or not, it still remains to be a huge feat.
 1997 - DAFT PUNK            2013 - ERIC PRYDZ

 Famously and introduced to the mix by Pete Tong as “two French blokes,” this mix was done   2013 was a great year for Essential Mixes, and was also Eric Prydz’ debut year to those golden decks.
 before the duo fully exploded and became the ultimate household names. It was by the end
                             Recorded live from his 2011 set at Creamfields, it included a lot of unreleased (at the time) music
 of this same year that their names held some weight, and everyone knew exactly who they   and got so much buzz that it was trending on Twitter, which Pete Tong said was a testament to how
 were. Fresh off the release of the debut album ‘Homework,’ which had been released just
                             the show had ‘an amazing impact, two decades after its debut.’
 a few weeks prior, their debut mix still sounds fresh today and truly proved that they were
 ahead of their time.
           “Every artist - no matter big or small - sees it as a huge honour to be able to do.”

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