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           French feel-good producer Madeon is very well known as
           having production credits for Lady Gaga (a working rela-
           tionship that has spanned from 2013’s ‘Artpop’ on ‘Venus,’
           ‘Mary Jane Holland’ and ‘Gypsy’ to 2020’s ‘Chromatica’
           with the track ‘911’), but did you know he’s also produced
           for Coldplay (‘Always in My Head’ and ‘O’ from the ‘Ghost
           Stories’ album), Muse (‘Panic Station’) and Ellie Goulding
           (‘Stay Awake’) to highlight just a few?

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 One of the most versatile producers of our time, there’s no doubt his talents and ability to shine in multiple   As far as Diplo is concerned, it’s easier to name who he hasn’t produced for/with rather than who he has, with the list being
 genres shows through on his original productions, but it does so in others’ too. Not only armed with all-star   as extensive as it is, so much so that he even started a TikTok series, naming Alex Clare’s ‘Too Close,’ Beyoncé’s ‘Run The
 collaborators on his tracks but all-star productions too, his credits are perhaps some of the most dazzling and   World,’ M.I.A’s ‘Paper Planes’ and Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart.’ The artists he didn’t mention, though, include The Weeknd, Madonna,
 its not surprising considering the amount of work he puts into his craft. Some of these tracks are incredibly   Snoop Dogg, Robyn and Die Antwoord. The closer you look at his production credits, the more you realise just what a wild
 catchy pop tunes such as Cheryl’s ‘Call My Name,’ Rihanna’s ‘Where Have You Been,’ Kylie Minogue’s ‘In My   amount he has contributed to the music scene, not only through his own tracks (whether they be solo or through various
 Arms,’ Pitbull’s ‘All The Things’ and The Weeknd’s ‘I Heard You’re Married’ with Lil Wayne.   groups such as Jack Ü, Major Lazer or LSD) but through the production of many other tracks that have now become iconic
           in our scene and worldwide.

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