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                                                   DAY 3

                                                   Already, the third and final day came around like a whirl-
                                                   wind, and in the air hung the anticipation for Swedish House
                                                   Mafia’s mainstage closing set, their first one in five years
                                                   since they marked their official return in 2018 with their
                                                   closing set on the very same slot. Between the trio and the
                                                   other stages though, fans had to make a very tough deci-
                                                   sion between ending their weekend with the Swedes or the
                                                   likes of Carl Cox, Kx5 (who marked their Ultra debut), or Lil
                                                   Texas for those that love the harder, faster style of electronic
                                                   music. Rewinding to earlier in the day though, David Guetta
                                                   marked a milestone performance as the second to last
                                                   closing act of the weekend, whereas on the other side of the
                                                   musical spectrum Jauz and SVDDEN DEATH performed B2B
                                                   for the very first time, marking down another world debut
                                                   for Ultra 2023.

                                                   Aside from the weekend’s music program, Ultra 2023
                                                   focused a lot on elevating the experience to the next level
                                                   with its art. Featuring the global festival debut of Daniel
                                                   Popper’s eye-catching sculpture SENTIENT, the mainstage
                                                   also displayed Drone Stories, 400 drones in the night sky
                                                   which flew together to create art, making for a stunning
                                                   visual display. Being another sold-out edition, the lives-
                                                   tream of the weekend’s festivities also reached upwards
                                                   of 42 million people globally. Mission:Home was also out
                                                   in full force, as they brought back Clean Vibes to keep the
                                                   grounds clean and achieve 100% recycling acceptance for
                                                   the 3rd year in a row; continued to keep food service wares
                                                   plastic free; brought back Biscayne Bay protections and
                                                   education opportunities at the festival’s Eco Village; and
                                                   continued to grow food and material rescue initiatives to
                                                   donate more resources back to the community.

                                                   With all this said, Ultra once again cemented its status as
                                                   one of the most in-demand festivals around the world, and
                                                   are already looking towards 2024 to replicate the success.
                                                   Tickets for Ultra 2024, March 22-24, are already on sale, and
                                                   you can purchase them via the website. See you there!

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